So far, the foundation is proud to have achieved the following accomplishments:

  1. A memorandum was signed with research centers in Germany (Munich, Hanover), France, Sweden, and England. Several patients have also visited those centers for diagnosis and treatment. As a result, two new genes resulting in PIDs were identified and recorded in the international data-bank.
  2. Receiving a license from the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Education and as a result, establishing a research center related to this non-profit organization in order to conduct research on immunodeficiency diseases exactly this time last year.
  3. Providing patients diagnosed with PIDs with medical treatments needed such as IVLG, Gamma-Interferon, and GCSF.
  4. All medical costs and expenses of the patients under the support of the organization have been covered.
  5. Gathering donations from supporters and implementing any other non-profit action taken by care-giving and kind citizens of the society.
  6. Initiating the education committee of the organization for PID patients, their families, and employees of health care centers such as nurses and midwives.
  7. Holding a one day seminar for health teachers from across the province with the help of the education and health district.
  8. Setting up the organization’s website in both Persian and English
  9. Introducing PIDs and also the patients’ problems in the form of interviews and talks on programs broadcasted on television. Preparing and publishing brochures about PIDs and handing them out to different health centers across the province.
  10. Attending different national exhibitions and setting up exhibits informing people about PIDs.
  11. Organizing three different meeting with the PID patients and their families with an educational-recreational intent.
  12. Conducting preliminary research on setting up a highly scientific and developed laboratory for undergoing rigorous and precise examinations of PIDs.
  13. Publishing a special magazine on PIDs
  14. Holding the first academic conference for physicians at the Alzahra Hospital.
  15. Activating a counseling center for PID patients

As for our final word, we must say that this foundation is dedicated to improving the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life of people with primary immunodeficiency diseases through advocacy, education and research.




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