The founders of this foundation established this non-profit organization in order to reach several goals which thankfully, with the help of care-giving donators, have witnessed.  These aims were and still are: a) an early and effective diagnosis and treatment of the patients with PIDs, b) informing citizens of the society about this disease and how to prevent it from increasing , c) creating a data-bank of the patients with the goal of identifying and examining the patients and their families social status, wealth, and education, d) trying to resolve the problems faced by the patients and their families, e) increasing scientific research on PIDs, f) being in touch with PID centers and foundations in Iran and also around the world, and g) trying to introduce PIDs as a specific disease just like cancer and HIV requiring the physical and financial support of the Iranian government.

We, as members of the Primary Immunodeficiency Foundation of Sedigheh Tahereh are hopeful that by introducing PIDs and the problems that the patients and their families face every single day, the goals and aims set, can and will be reached.




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